Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New Year New Beginnings

Well... nearly one year to the day since my previous post on this blog. All my blogs and social media were left patiently waiting in the background as I was absorbed by other things... one of which was house hunting! Exciting but very time-consuming as I had something quite specific in mind, and so the search took way longer than I ever expected... and just consumed so much of my spare time.

Life is about compromises and while the one I landed on was quite a big compromise in the end there were many things about it that ticked the boxes. One of which is its location in the township and its sense of openness and natural beauty. The latter of which will be a constant source of design inspiration from the abundance of native flora and fauna around me.

As it states in the 'About this blog' in the right-hand column: I started this blog as a diary for my garden, for my 727m2 but have since left that garden behind in pursuit of greater dreams. I kept the blog going because gardens... nature... are the basis of my design inspiration. This block is double the size and while aspects of it are established it is still a relatively blank canvas for me to stamp my mark on it. I love creating gardens and am already seeing in my mind's eye some of the changes I will make. One of the aspects of this garden (captured in the fifth image from the top) transports me to a beautiful villa in Tuscany... yet it will be a very native garden.

In the five years I was in the ACT I did a massive amount of work on the garden there, though it still needed an incredible amount of work - due to the years of neglect I was only able to touch the tip of the transformation but hopefully the plantings I put in will be looked after and will flourish... in which case it will be vastly different in a few years as the tube stock matures. The bulk of the work I did was uncovering and re-imagining what was there before. I will share images of the work I did there as a record of it all because I failed to share as I went along.

During my time in the ACT I explored many natural environments in and around the region... with Mount Taylor a regular for me as I walked up it at least 3 - 4 times a week and will miss it dearly. I also joined the Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens and was regularly attending the Botanic Art Group, which I plan on continuing as it gives me access to many Australian native species and sitting there drawing is just so meditative and restorative.