Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year

Apologies for being so neglectful of my gardening blog but I've been busy with other stuff... one of which is getting ready to leave my beautiful home and garden which is very hard when you love something so much... but alas it is time for a new chapter, a new direction and this excites me.

I will leave here knowing I left my 727m2 in a much better way than when I first arrived... I never 'finished' the garden but it is definitely in a good place. I am potting up alot of self-seeded plants to take with me, though I'm not sure when I will have a garden of my own again... for the next 12 months the plan is to stay with my mum in the lovely Sydney suburb of Como, using it as a base to explore some options... she has a lovely garden too... over 800m2 so I'm sure I'll be out there pottering around and Max >(*!*)< will find lots of delightful places to explore, hide and sleep.

I want to say thank you to all the lovely people who dropped by here and left comments. I enjoyed meeting you online and sharing my garden progress with you, as well as some photos in the Sunday Selections. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and here's to a fabulous 2012.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

All grown up

Above: See the wee little plant in the garden bed to the left of the front door... this is my New Zealand Christmas bush that I planted a few years back... and well... look at it now! (below)

I planted it there to create a bit of a privacy screen from the front door to the front courtyard area as that is a self-contained studio downstairs and if people are staying there it's nice to have a bit of privacy.

The reason I'm posting this in particular is because the bush is flowering for the first time ever - yay!

These are just two delightful little blooms that caught my eye yesterday so I can't wait for it to explode into a mass of colourful flowers.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

More updates from the back garden...

So I've been a bit slack with this here garden blog yet again but the garden grows regardless... and with Spring everything is bursting with growth and colour.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Updates from the garden

It's been a while but I'm pretty sure I'm back now and ready to pick up where I left off with my gardening blog which is something I was really getting alot of pleasure out of, apart from the actual gardening itself.

I shall let the pictures speak for themselves...

Above: As you step out of the entrance hall at the back there is a large awning. Part of the work I did (or had done) was to replace the rusted metal posts with timber ones and then pained them. The concrete here is still pretty awful and my dream is to rip it up and have a large uniform slab across the back of the house (that will one day be a bedroom). I like the idea of concrete even though the making of it is not so environmentally sound, it has good thermal mass - particularly as the sun hits the house in the afternoons and in winter this is a dream.

Above: looking back towards the house from the back of the garden. The slatted screen on the balcony was made using the timber that ran along the whole length of the balcony... as 3/4 of it was narrow and useless it was pointless having it as a balcony and so it has now been fenced off and only the deep section of balcony is being used. The screen hides the ugly view that was opened up when my neighbours cut down a magnificent Norfolk Pine tree. (Scroll down to see the view from the balcony with the new screen)... and where you can see scaffolding (to the left) where once there was a run down weatherboard cottage there is now an architecturally designed modern mansion being built.


Above & Below: You may remember back here (scroll to bottom of that post) I was working on this section of the garden most recently and wanted to share the results...

Above: looking at the new section from inside the studio area of the garage

So now you can see what has been keeping me busy these past months... plus of course always weeding and I recently re-mulched sections in the front and back gardens too. It's really starting to come together but I still have a great vision for the finished version which is some way off in the distant the future... I can only chip away at it bit by bit and with some luck I will get there.

What about you? What have you been up to in the garden lately?

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I am just popping by to apologise to my followers and readers for my extended absence from this blog and to apologise to both Annie and Brendan for the delay in publishing their welcomed comments on the last post. I only just checked the email linked to this blog and felt really awful that so much time had slipped by.

As you knew if you read my last two posts I began putting some finishing touches to both the garden and the house in May and little did I realise when I started just how long the process would take - especially because there is no really big work being done... I guess the many little jobs just added up and in mid July I am still about another couple of weeks away from completing it all.

I've talked about why I decided to do all this now here and explained one of the big reasons behind my absence in the past three weeks here.

I promise lots of lovely pics of all the work once I get back on track which I am slowly starting to do now... and for any crafty types out there that are interested, before everything got interrupted, I was also making good head way with this project.

I also have to apologise for not visiting any blogs for a while and engaging with comments which I like to do to keep in touch, I will also get back on track with this side of things too.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mediterranean Style

Last week I took time out of my busy-ness to post a sneak peek of what I've been busy with... and also shared some of my favourite outdoor spaces with you that I had found in various Home & Garden magazines. One of the spaces I showed belonged to a garden I said was worthy of its own post because the whole garden is just so beautiful... and so today, as I am feeling a little drained and need to take time out from manual labour, I am going to share that garden with you.

This article appeared in Your Garden magazine, Summer 2007 eidition (pp. 30-37) - written by Christine Reid and photographed by Dan Magree:


 Excuse the image but it's a double page spread and so you can see the join...

Above: I just LOVE this - walled gardens with the framed walkways, all that beautiful solid, rustic timber against rendered walls and plants everywhere to soften the edges and draw your attention.

The owner, Robert Boyle, is a landscape designer. He and his wife, Wendy, purchased the property in the heart of Eltham with a view to having the space for the landscaping business and adjoining nursery.

The dreary brown brick 1970's era house has been transformed into a stylish home by rendering the brick and painting it white. Their aim was to maintain the heritage character of the property as there was also a little mud-brick cottage on it that was used as part of the nursery. Roberts interest in Mediterranean garden culture was inspired by a trip to Italy and France in 1997 but his own was created in a very clever Australian context.

This is definitely a favourite garden of mine and it would be nice to have the space to create walled gardens, courtyards and shady verandahs... don't you just love to daydream!

At the moment, however, sections of my garden look more like this!
Above: this crack in the concrete was there when I came here. This is just outside the back of the garage... and if you see the image Below, you will see that at some stage someone has cut the post away and re-positioned it as the concrete was falling away (downwards) and taking the post with it... and the post supports the balcony above it.
Above: the post is not in view but is in the bottom left-hand corner of this image and they are the big double doors at the back of the garage. 

I hired a jackhammer from Kennards and did this myself!!! It took 3 hrs just to break up that section and hopefully only another 3 hrs to do the last bit... but a much cheaper option than having someone come and do it for you. Sometimes though I wish I had the money to just pay people to do stuff for me... one day! I won't be concreting here again, it will be a mix of railway sleepers with gravel in-between and either a small timber deck or paving. It is going to look SO much nicer than this awful cracked and patched concrete. I can't wait to finish it (and don't worry there is a massive temporary structure holding the balcony up while I jackhammer around that post which will be set on a new concrete pad once the old stuff is out of the way).