Sunday, January 2, 2011

1998 - the beginning...

This is the front of the house, the second time I saw it in 1998 - I was meeting the agent to look through and took a bunch of photo's while there:

Too daggy right...lucky I have the ability to see past the plain facade :)

If there is anything I loathe when it comes to fencing it's hurricane fencing and Colourbond / metal fencing, the first because it is so sterile, boring and ugly and the latter because of the same but also that is doesn't breath like timber fences know no slats or spaces between slats. Timber fences just look more organic and I love the way the timber greys over time.

Unfortunately I have an awful corrugated iron fence down the left-hand boundary, starting at the back of the will see this in photo's later on but I have planted a hedge of Murraya Paniculata's (Orange Jasmine) along it...the first half dozen or so have already reached fence height and so that unsightly fence is no longer visible behind it...the second planting still has a few years before it gets to that height and I was only able to add these when a couple of diseased trees were cut down recently (which is why the Murraya's weren't all done at the same time) - again, you'll see these photo's later on.

The house and garden was to stay pretty much like this until I came to live here in 2005.

This is a very bad panorama put together using 4 different images but it works in giving you a big picture view of the back yard, taken from underneath a large awning that comes off the back of the house downstairs. See the ugly corrugated iron fence on the left...see what I mean about the concrete path to the Hills Hoist and weedy grass on either side. When the house was rented (from 1999 - 2005) the tenants had a go at planting some stuff and so when I came here in 2005 it was a tiny little bit different but not much.

...and this is looking towards the back of the house from the back yard...

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