Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2008 - more changes to the back yard

The next change in the back yard was to rip up the grass in the semi-circle, between the pond and the curved garden bed, as it wasn't doing very well and I had a better idea for this section...

As you can see the paving in the clothes-line section is finished and I had since created a curved path-way with those 'slate' pavers that were down the right-hand side of the house, with the same gravel in between as around the front and edged on both sides by the brick pavers. The grass was piled upwards against the pond wall to create a mound and soil was shipped in to top it up...again I waited until the grass broke down a bit before planting. I liked the idea of lizards and birds having easy access to drink from the pond once it is filled with water :)

I also planted Festuca Glauca from the front side edge of the pond coming back towards the house but that didn't stay long and I moved it out the front to create a border along the front fence line in between the hardwood posts - looks lovely (images later). You can also see more railway sleepers, as the concrete path had to be reinforced with a little more concrete (to hold the weight of the pond once filled with water) it left an untidy edge and I wanted to hide this, it needed something raised to cover it, the sleepers were a good height and the gap between them and the pond was filled in with more of the same earthy coloured gravel - this can be seen in the last image, with Jed looking on in approval.

  • Festuca Glauca: Common name - Blue fescue; Approximate size - 14-18cmH; Habit - clump-forming ornamental grass with finely texture blue-grey foliage that forms a dome shape; Features - light green flowers with a purple tinge which give way to puffy wheat-like heads; Conditions - grows best in well drained soils, prefers regular watering but tolerates dry low nutrient soils, best foliage colour achieved when planted in full sun but also grows in lightly shaded position; Common use - looks good in mass plantings, borders, popular in modern gardens designs.

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