Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 - the back garden grows

No major work was done in 2010 by me but nature sure didn't stop. The garden beds have really established themselves by now and are looking beautiful. There are still some minor issues with plants dying and having to be replaced, some still waiting for me to make decisions on what to put in now. I've gone for mostly Australian natives but am not a purist and so there's a bit of a mix...

Above: the top image shows the path-way leading back towards the house, the right-hand side is the very first garden bed in the back yard and on the left side of the path is the newer one sloping up towards the pond wall.

In the first garden bed there have been many changes of plants, some just died but some I just changed my mind about. Currently (and this is probably the way it will stay) are the bamboo plants, Gymea Lillies, Kangaroo Paw, Strelitzia, Purple Pony Grass, Isolepis Grevillia, Callistamon, a Coastal Wattle and a new Coastal Banksia tree as well and my lovely Balinese Urn (even though this is not a Balinese-style garden) and the new planting along the fence line of Murrayas (put in once the Eucalyptus was cut down) - all can be seen in the top 6 images. The bottom image shows the first planting of Murrayas along the fence and you can see they are just divine and covering that awful fence, remember how little they were in one of the previous photos when they were first planted...

Below: One of the Kangaroo Paw is the absolute best thing in the garden. It was given to me by a neighbour as a strappy plant, I moved it once and nearly killed it but it came back and grew and grew and grew and is now taller than me!!! It is intoxicatingly beautiful because Kangaroo Paw are my all time favourite flowering Australian native plants and all the ones I've had before have either died or never gotten past knee height. I posted the same images (below) on my stilelemente blog as this plant definitely inspired my 'kangaroo paw' design for my fabric. The images also show how dense the rest of the garden bed has become as these images were taken quite recently compared to the ones above.

The newer garden bed that slopes up towards the pond is planted with Gymea Lillies, Isopelis, Rosemary, Liriopes, a Lilly Pilly and a couple of Grevilleas (images below show it in both directions).

Below: In about May or June the Banksia was cut down, as well as that diseased Eucalyptus on the left-hand fence and I got them to chip it all and believe it or not it was enough to cover all garden beds, front and back with some left over! The left over stuff needed to come off the driveway so I just laid it out on the last section of lawn out the back that I want to kill off. I am now in the process of moving that mulch over onto the side garden bed and top up other beds and will lay down a fine mulch (but preferably saw dust if I can find it) for now as that whole section has to be dug up to replace the sewerage pipe to the house and I don't want to plant a garden bed yet until it is done.


Above: the top image shows the tip of the large limb that came down into my neighbours yard, it doesn't look as menacing in the photo because most of it is masked by their plants but believe me it was a significant sized limb. The next few show the limb and where it snapped away from the tree, you can also see the sawdust created by the borers at the base of the trunk and the last two show the tree itself before it was cut down, in the bottom image it is the one in front (this was taken from the back balcony). I was very sad to see this tree go...I have now planted a Murraya in its place, as there were Murrayas planted along this fence line at the same time as the ones on the opposite fence line and at least now the fence line will be hedged uniformly, even though the new one has a bit of catching up.

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