Sunday, February 27, 2011

A little update from the garden

A coastal wattle that inspired some artwork...

I love these shrubs even though the pesky Ochrogaster Lunifer (processionary caterpillar) will attempt to strip it bare starting just about this time of year...

The coastal wattle is a beautiful large shrub and creates a lovely
privacy screen from my neighbours as well as being the inspiration of my
eco-friendly Wattle Greeting Card below :)

...but this is what I currently have on my driveway...  soil I dug out to lay a new drainage pipe down the front side of the house, the row of bricks that acted as a small retaining wall and some left over mulch from when I did under the pine tree out the back and the left-hand side path out the front some weeks back - this mulch is going on top of the newly excavated area to top it up and finish it off nicely. I've also called the brickie to come and replace the damaged bricks, so that this corner of the house will be like new again.

...and, to finish off on a much prettier note, I wish I had a way of delivering the divine scent from my gorgeous Murrayas (Orange Blossom) that are in bloom in my back garden...

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