Friday, February 4, 2011

Rural inspiration

One of my long-held dreams is to live on acreage...with vistas of rolling green hills that disappear into the distance...a lovely garden surrounding the house and then just nature...

This beautiful property, in rural Victoria, ticks alot of boxes for my dream property and so I thought I'd share the inspiration here.  

The property was featured in Australian House & Garden November 2007 issue and is in there twice, once for the house story and once for the garden story, both were written by Judy Ostergaard and photographed by Derek Swalwell:

I love this enclosed courtyard, that can be opened up to the greater area of the property via the large sliding gate. (For a responsible pet owner this would be ideal as I keep my cats in at night, but would love to let them be 'out' in a controlled environment like this courtyard).

I absolutely LOVE this image, looking back towards the courtyard. It's a fairy land setting with everything in proportion and harmony with everything else.

I get a sense of many outdoor rooms on this property which really appeals to me, breaking up a larger landscape into intimate areas to explore and experience a sense of change as you pass through each one.

I like this informal formality or symmetry and the focal point of the large tree in the background.

This area is much more formal with the trimmed hedges - while I like them I would never have the time to have such a high-maintenance garden...but it would be nice to have the money to pay someone to keep a garden looking this well maintained :) It's nice how it feels cocooned, in a pocket, bordered by large trees.

This is more my style, relaxed gardening with natural shapes and that informal formality again. I particularly like the image on the right - the path softened by plants along the edge and the focal point again, of the large urn against the backdrop of foliage from the shrubs behind it, drawing the eye down there and making you want to walk down and explore what is around the corner...

...and last of all, a rural property would not be complete without a timber gate leading down a path. I love the dappled light from the sun through the tree canopy, and more of that symmetry with another focal point...what lies beyond?

Hope you like this property as much as I do and maybe one day I will get to fulfill my dream of living on acreage surrounded by glorious gardens made up into lots of gorgeous and inviting outdoor rooms.

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kinga @ blueloom said...

Wow, amazing property. I love their garden and even noticed a pond with water lilies. We bought one water lily for our pond last year but it died before it bloomed.
I can't wait for the winter to be over, so that we can start our landscaping and gardening projects.