Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Victorian seaside garden

I'm going to share another of my favourite gardens...

This 'Nature Study' story is from Inside Out Jan/Feb 2005 edition, written by Brendan Moar and photographed by Michael Wee. It's the story of Jane Burke's dream to revegetate her seaside Victorian property and you can read many of the snippets from the original me, the images say it all.

I love this outdoor space, it is so relaxed and inviting, I can imagine spending time in those comfy chairs on that deck just looking out over the garden and taking in the can see some it reflected in the glass on the doors...
The property is two hectares of coastal dune country adjoining the Mornington Peninsula National Park, it's surrounded by coastal bushland and rugged heath and sits only a few hundred metres from the edge of Australia and Bass Strait.

Ten years after purchasing it the Burke's decided to make it their permanent home and Jane started looking at the garden. She assumed the mass of tea-trees on the site had been there forever but soon came to realise they had invaded the area due to past land use. Sadly, much of the original vegetation was lost due to clear felling to supply Melbourne's fireplaces and from lime mining.

In Jane's determination to revegetate the land she enrolled in a science degree at Melbourne University, qualifying as a botanist in order to gain the knowledge needed to undertake such a project - she needed to find this information herself as back in the early 1990's the indigenous horticulture movement was virtually nonexistent.

This story strikes a chord with me because it shows what you can do if you have a vision and a lot of determination. I love the garden because of the fact that it was brought back to what the landscape should have been before being stripped bare and that man-made additions such as the house, decks and pathways all integrate beautifully.

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allhorsestuff said...

Thanks for sharing the gem! I love the canvas of land and maybe one such as that where it was abused. Time, sweat and vision...can take you to paridise!