Monday, February 14, 2011

Wattle Bird in my Bottle Brush

I think I may have mentioned my wattle birds much I LOVE them (and all the other birds that frequent my garden). This morning I was finally able (well, aware and ready) to capture one on film (well digital camera anyway). I heard it and so I grabbed my camera but it wasn't on the right setting and I fumbled a bit but thankfully snapped it before it flew away. Isn't it just divine!

...and, I'm seeing a new textile design stay tuned for that. I actually wanted to capture the Wattle bird for a Wattle Tree repeat pattern I am working on BUT I'm seeing all those gorgeous buds on the branches of this tree, plus the flowers and foliage and might like it better than the Wattle Tree design (which is actually the same as that on my greeting cards)...hmmm. definitely food for thought.

1 comment:

jay said...

It is gorgeous! Looks rather like a ginormous starling!