Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Selections :: 8

Oh, I'm glad Kim was up early too as I wanted to post this now as I'll be busy for the rest of the day :)

This week's Sunday Selections is a continuation of my photo's from Europe, back when life seemed less complicated and weighed less on my shoulders - ah, the unbearable lightness of being (that was) but I'm slowly putting the pieces of my life back together and looking forward to more of that carefree me again in the not-too-distant future.

For now, these photo's help me connect with that part of myself that got lost along the way... they are very good memories - but far from being stuck in the past I am very much in the moment and have to admit I do daydream into the future... so I can move forward and make those dreams my reality.

Bellagio, Lago di Como, Italia
I don't think I'm the only one to have taken a shot looking down this gorgeous lane-way and down to the lake. If I went to Italy to live I think I would have no choice but to live in the Lake Como region as it just stole my heart, it is one of the most enchanting and visually beautiful places I have visited.

Pisa, Italia
Taken from a back lane-way somewhere in Pisa, I love all the angles, everything is sloping like the tower itself...

... and then on to Rome, beautiful Rome where I walked and walked and walked alone day and night absorbing the magic of this busy ancient and modern city... this is a study of statues and fountains:


This last one almost makes you feel you could be there in the time of Julius Ceasar, walking around in a toga and roman sandles. I have more images of Rome I will share next week, a study on ancient ruins, not hard when they are around just about every corner, like these statues and fountains.

In the meantime, if you would like to join in then head on over to Frogpondsrock and follow the easy-to-use instructions. Enjoy your Sunday and your week - today we are being lashed with oodles and ooldes of glorious rain that has been absent for many weeks now - I can hear my garden singing.


Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Oh, I did enjoy that little Italian tour! Of those places, I've only been to Pisa, but I'd like to visit the others, especially Bellagio. It reminds me of the Cinque Terre.

Sounds as if you're working through a difficult period right now. Let's hope it passes quickly and you get that lightness of being back again!

frogpondsrock said...

Oh Gaby they are beautiful :) A blog friend went to Italy in 2008 and she took photos of the fountains for me.

I just loved this set of photos

Do you have any photos of gargoyles?

Cherie said...

Glorious images Gaby, you certainly have a photographers eye, look forward to more! I'm loving the rain too.