Thursday, March 17, 2011

Urban nightmare

Today I'm feeling the effects of solastalgia again. A while back I posted this picture on my other blog:

The point of it being that the circle (in the bottom left) is highlighting a tree-lopper - cutting down a magnificent Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk Pine) that would have taken anywhere from 30 years + to reach that size. I also said in that post that this beautiful Norfolk in the foreground was ear-marked for removal as well... and well, today is the day it loses its life and I am so incredibly sad and so incredibly angry. I just feel hopeless and helpless and wish I didn't have to be here to witness such ignorance! All in the name of a shiny new house next door! With no regard to how long it took for that tree to grow, for how important it was to the local bird life. It is so devastating to me, just too hard to hear that piercing roar of the chain saw as branch by branch it comes down and also to reveal a scene that is so ugly to me now - I feel it has really de-valued my propery... this is what I now see:

The beginning of the destruction, with lower branches removed
The end of the destruction with a magnificent Norfolk Pine erased from the landscape
Ugly, ugly, ugly rooftops and cluttered back yards... yuk! What would you rather look at? I hate that people can move in and in what seems an instant the landscape changes so dramatically, for the worse. I hate that council allows such destruction and I hate that people think the loss of a tree is nothing compared to the gains of a new dwelling - why couldn't they just work around the tree? It sits on the back boundary anyway...

Oh, honestly, I need to go live on acreage so I don't have to witness the ignorance that is taking place on our doorsteps.

You know, I did contact council back when the first image was taken as I wanted to be pro-active in stopping this absurdity in the future and even though I had one individual (not from my local council) pass on some wonderful information to me so that I could put together a cohesive argument to protect the remaining Norfolk Pines on the headland - I didn't pursue it because I had someone from the local council come and speak to me about my concerns and basically I felt it was an impossible thing to undertake and a complete waste of my time... sad isn't it that we can be made to feel so helpless. The person that came to see me was from the department of council that looks after trees and basically he said that he was all for trees being cut down if they were close to dwellings... how can you argue with that mentality... so I just threw my hands up in the air... and now months later I have to sit by and witness another significant tree disappearing from our landscape.

Sometimes I feel I don't belong to this world...

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Jay at The Depp Effect said...

I SO feel your pain. The hideous clattering whine of a chainsaw causes me immense grief when applied to a tree.

So the guy from the council is all for taking trees down if they're close to dwellings? There'll be no trees left in his town then, because sooner or later all of them ARE close to dwellings!

We have an ash tree out front - well, actually, we don't, it belongs to the farmer, but it needed attention because it was dropping whole branches onto the tarmac where we park out cars, and onto our roof. We paid for the work to be done on it rather than force the farmer to do it because we knew his answer would be to just simply fell it.

It's not particularly beautiful, but it's a tree, and it's important to wildlife .. so as far as I'm concerned, it has as much right to be here as I do. It has recovered nicely from it's fairly brutal 'haircut' and the birds and insects continue to enjoy it.