Thursday, July 14, 2011


I am just popping by to apologise to my followers and readers for my extended absence from this blog and to apologise to both Annie and Brendan for the delay in publishing their welcomed comments on the last post. I only just checked the email linked to this blog and felt really awful that so much time had slipped by.

As you knew if you read my last two posts I began putting some finishing touches to both the garden and the house in May and little did I realise when I started just how long the process would take - especially because there is no really big work being done... I guess the many little jobs just added up and in mid July I am still about another couple of weeks away from completing it all.

I've talked about why I decided to do all this now here and explained one of the big reasons behind my absence in the past three weeks here.

I promise lots of lovely pics of all the work once I get back on track which I am slowly starting to do now... and for any crafty types out there that are interested, before everything got interrupted, I was also making good head way with this project.

I also have to apologise for not visiting any blogs for a while and engaging with comments which I like to do to keep in touch, I will also get back on track with this side of things too.