Friday, September 16, 2011

Updates from the garden

It's been a while but I'm pretty sure I'm back now and ready to pick up where I left off with my gardening blog which is something I was really getting alot of pleasure out of, apart from the actual gardening itself.

I shall let the pictures speak for themselves...

Above: As you step out of the entrance hall at the back there is a large awning. Part of the work I did (or had done) was to replace the rusted metal posts with timber ones and then pained them. The concrete here is still pretty awful and my dream is to rip it up and have a large uniform slab across the back of the house (that will one day be a bedroom). I like the idea of concrete even though the making of it is not so environmentally sound, it has good thermal mass - particularly as the sun hits the house in the afternoons and in winter this is a dream.

Above: looking back towards the house from the back of the garden. The slatted screen on the balcony was made using the timber that ran along the whole length of the balcony... as 3/4 of it was narrow and useless it was pointless having it as a balcony and so it has now been fenced off and only the deep section of balcony is being used. The screen hides the ugly view that was opened up when my neighbours cut down a magnificent Norfolk Pine tree. (Scroll down to see the view from the balcony with the new screen)... and where you can see scaffolding (to the left) where once there was a run down weatherboard cottage there is now an architecturally designed modern mansion being built.


Above & Below: You may remember back here (scroll to bottom of that post) I was working on this section of the garden most recently and wanted to share the results...

Above: looking at the new section from inside the studio area of the garage

So now you can see what has been keeping me busy these past months... plus of course always weeding and I recently re-mulched sections in the front and back gardens too. It's really starting to come together but I still have a great vision for the finished version which is some way off in the distant the future... I can only chip away at it bit by bit and with some luck I will get there.

What about you? What have you been up to in the garden lately?