Friday, March 30, 2012

More images from Como

 Above: looking back towards the back of the house, the block slopes up from the road.

 Above: Can you spot the lizard?

 Above: Oleander, just about to burst into flower...

 Above: Oleander bud.

Not sure what plant is in the last image but it certainly has a pretty flower...

I've been a bit absent from the blog again for the past couple of weeks... still settling in, sorting, setting up spaces and also catching up with friends... as well as planning things for the business. Soon I hope to start venturing out to explore public spaces like nature reserves, national parks and the like so will definitely be sharing more images but until then I still have some from my immediate surroundings to share with you.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

More pictures from my new surroundings

As promised in this post here are some more pictures I took in my mum's back yard... I haven't yet ventured further afield, too busy sorting spaces, unpacking and settling in... still have more images to share of my immediate surroundings first...

Max (my cat) is settling in nicely and enjoying exploring his new surroundings. I'm more intent on carving out some spaces for me inside and part of this process means selling off some stuff (both mine and my mum's), so if anyone is interested in mostly old (antique / vintage) furniture and collectables then you can check out my eBay auctions :) There will be new items added consistently as we sort through things and decide on what to get rid of... this is not just from having me here but mum has wanted to streamline for a while and is happy I am here to help.