Saturday, May 19, 2012

Out the front...

So... I've been absent again for the past few weeks... I really have been very busy getting organised at this end from the move... we've had a big eBay campaign and have had a pretty good run with getting rid of most of the big items that we needed out of the way... there is still more stuff to shift but the scale of it is smaller and so it's not so bad having it hanging around but will still be good once it's gone.

I've also been working behind the scenes on some business and personal plans that I had made and this feels good. I've re-designed my website (the link will take you to the current one) and once I hand it over to the guys to build it should take about 8 weeks... in that time I will be busy as a bee with production - which came to a complete halt with the move and I'm biting at the bit to get back to it.

Anyway, as promised in my last post I have finished showing you images of mum's back garden and now for some from the front...

From the driveway Looking down the street to Carina Bay Reserve, Como, NSW
A nice row of cordylines bordering the driveway
Looking in the other direction, to the front garden, filled with plants
... continuing on from the previous image...
Not sure what these delightful little vibrant waxy flowers are called
Loving the shadow-play of the gum leaves in this image
Another view of the beautiful Carina Bay Reserve
... and loving our neighbour's divine cottage and garden... 
I've also been going on walks around the neighbourhood, exploring what's on offer and let me tell you it is such a beautiful area, it is so leafy and quiet, hard to believe you are in Sydney. In my coming posts I'll be sharing more of what's 'out there' with you... I'm sure you'll be delighted. Until then, happy gardening or whatever it is that makes you happy.