Sunday, July 29, 2012

Como Pleasure Grounds, NSW

Continuing on from here - located in the same area as the Marina and starting point for the bridge walk is the beautiful Como Pleasure Grounds.

This is another of my favourite finds because it is so beautiful in so many ways... for me as an artist / designer the abundant native flora and fauna (mostly birds) here is a wealth of inspiration - the location is stunning and the grounds have been laid out thoughtfully with play areas for children, picnic areas (including BBQ's and tables), benches to sit and take in the stunning views of the Georges River and surrounding bushland, pathways to explore, a 20m seasonal swimming pool (free), a shark-netted enclosure in the river as well and now there is even a cafe! It has everything!

Conceived by a wealthy individual named James Murphy he opened his 'pleasure ground' in 1885 with a clubhouse for German railway workers (now the historic Como Hotel). There was fair-ground type entertainment, a dance hall and paddle steamers ran river excursions as well.

What a wonderful history... to read more click here

The historic Como Hotel in the background

The knoll

Views out over the Georges River
Walking up onto the knoll

Some of the lovely picnic / BBQ areas

More of the picnic / BBQ areas

The playground

Can you see a little friend in the top right-hand corner of the image...

Above and below: you can see the Como to Oatley Bridge walk from here

Crazy people doing laps in winter

The Como Marina is nestled in to the left of this picture
Steps leading up to the newly opened Blackfish Cafe
The Blackfish cafe in the Como Pleasure Grounds
The Blackfish Cafe is another local eatery I have yet to try... but am sure I will.

So that's the Como Pleasure Grounds for you - really well worth a visit if you ever find yourself in the area. Even though I miss my 727m2 terribly, I am somewhat comforted to have easy access to such beautiful areas.

I think there's one more place in Como I can think to share but I haven't yet been there myself. Due the prolonged bout of flu I had recently and all the rain we've been having I haven't venture out with my camera again... so I will be light on posting here until I have more lovely things to share with you. After Como is complete I will start venturing further afield... I already have a number of places I want so share with you here so don't go too far away.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Como to Oatley Bridge Walk, (Como) NSW

Continuing on from here, this week I'm sharing one of my favourite finds so far... the Como to Oatley Bridge walk. I'm so lucky I can pick up this trail just a short walking distance from where I'm living... (and I can actually see it from the very top of the back garden):

Above: distant, filtered view of Carina Bay and the old railway bridge that is the Como to Oatley Bridge walk (to the right of the roof line)... and while we're up here - look at how leafy Como is!

The bridge walk is accessed via Como Marina, the beginning of it is quite obscure and I actually stumbled across it by accident when taking the pics in my last post. I was on the grounds of the Marina and saw a couple walking down an elevated pathway... so naturally I walked up the steps and continued along the tree-lined pathway:

... until, to my delight, it opened up to this (below):

The walk is quite popular - more so on weekends.

As you can see safety is carefully considered but doesn't interrupt the views.

Above: The new railway bridge is adjacent, the whole track actually follows the railway line so the trains are always swooshing past...

Looking back towards Como
Some lovely filtered views along the walk.
Walking down a goat track to get a different angle of the bridge - see below:

Above: this is the end of the trail as such but from here you enter into suburbia, to Oatley to be exact and I have yet to explore beyond the end of the path but have heard there is a nice cafe close by... I will be sure and take my camera along when I do venture further so I can share the images here.

The Bridge walk and trail is not lit so I wouldn't walk along here in the dark but it is safe and there is always someone around even though at times you can feel you have it all to yourself. It is popular for people who want to stroll, power walk, jog or cycle.

Do you have any lovely trails near where you live?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Historic Como Hotel and Como Marina, NSW

As promised I'm back to share more images from my wanderings around my new surroundings. Last week I posted about Carina Bay Reserve and the fairy land beyond and this week it's all about the historic Como hotel and quaint little Marina that are a short walk from where I live.

Above and below - beautiful historic Como hotel - believe it or not I haven't yet been here to enjoy a drink or a meal but I know it won't be too far away and am sure it will become a regular place to visit.

Above and below: opposite the hotel is Scylla Bay Reserve - a sports ground right on the water's edge... down by the water there is also a little jetty and a bench or two to sit and take in all the beauty.

Above and below: Como Marina with its quaint little weatherboard buildings. It includes Como Cafe... yet another place on my list to visit for a meal; a little arts and crafts shop (only open at the weekends) and just at the entrance to the Marina is the Thai Rim Nam restaurant... yes, you guessed it, another place to visit for a meal (images further down). I might even write about the menus at each place when I do get around to experiencing them all but in the meantime, visiting the website will give you a look at the menu there. Going out for a meal with friends is hard when everyone is so busy so these things are no longer a regular occurrence in my life... not only that, people do tend to hibernate in winter so hopefully when the weather warms up we'll be out and about more.

Above and below, the Thai Rim Nam restaurant...

The Como Marina was also the home of the Como Markets but they have now moved to the Como Public School (Genoa Street, Como) just up the road and are held on the 2nd Sunday of the month from 9m - 2pm. It is an art and antique market with approximately 40 stalls and yes... I can't believe I am going to admit this publicly (because I am such a market goer)... I haven't been yet!!! I guess I'm waiting for the weather to warm up for this as well and we have had alot of rain since I've arrived here... the good thing is, is there is no hurry and I like to explore things at my own leisure... I guess finding the natural surroundings first has been my main focus... finding all these wonderful venues along the way just gives me more to look forward to.

Next week I will be sharing one of my favourite finds yet... so stay tuned. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.