Saturday, August 25, 2012

Room with a view...

My sexy compression stockings... which were too big for my small feet!

Views to the ocean from my hospital bed - very special!

Just popping by to say I'll be absent from this blog for the next few weeks as I had to have major surgery recently... so no big outdoor adventures for me for a while.

I had surgery on Wednesday 8/8 and went home on Sunday 12/8 and am still on the slow road to recovery... so incredibly frustrating as I'm not good with too much down time. I like to keep busy and more so I really wanted to keep making head-way with all the business stuff I was working on... as well as venturing further afield to explore this area and share it with you.

Once I'm up and about again I'll be taking my camera with me to places like the Sir Joseph Banks Native Plant Reserve just near me... I also want to go back to my beloved Royal National Park which I have yet to visit since being back in Sydney... so much to see and do but for now it's rest, rest, rest...