Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vibrant inspiration

I'm still in recovery mode after my surgery and have hardly left the house in the past few weeks... sort of have cabin fever. I did manage to get up to the back of the back yard today as I had wanted to pick a couple of flowers off a tree...

Now, Kangaroo Paw has always been my absolute favourite flower / flowering plant but I think that the Firewheel is a very close second... and I've only really just discovered it recently because one is growing in my mum's backyard!

 Above: Stenocarpus sinuatus or Firewheel tree

From the Proteaceae family, there are about 30 species in the genus, most are found in New Caledonia but we have about 7 that are native to Australia.

Above: the flower(s) close-up.

Look at the details of that flower! It's incredible... nature is simply amazing. I would say to definitely be on the look-out for a textile design from me based on this flower... will keep you posted.

Like I said, I haven't been doing much of anything but can now start to get back into the swing of things as I can drive again. I'll be heading back to my screen printing course this week - have missed 4 classes :(

I was lucky enough to be dropped off and picked up from my ceramics course the past couple of weeks (as it's close to home) so I only missed a couple of weeks of that class and I just posted some of the little experiments I've been playing with here.