Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Floral emblems and my new website.

What is this, you might ask... These are my interpretations of the floral emblems for each state in Australia as I had the brilliant idea to use them for my Stockists list on my new website

The new site was on my mind for a while and in development even longer. I designed it earlier this year and handed it over to a local agency to develop... then my unexpected surgery came along and threw my timeline out of whack... then it had to take a back seat to other projects that came along in the meantime... but the site is finally live and when I get back from my break the new online shop / wholesale & trade log-in area will be up and running too... woo hoo!

Of course looking at all the lovely floral emblems has given me all sorts of ideas for future designs!


River said...

Does this mean you'll have stockists in all states?
Or does it mean you'll have stock that relates to all states?

Annie said...

Beautiful designs, I'm off for a. Look

gaby@727m2 - a garden diary said...

Just to clarify and respond to River's question... yes... the plan is to have Stockists in each state :)