Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Australia Day 2013

A welcoming garden

This garden caught my eye one day recently as I was driving by, so naturally I wanted to include it in my series of local houses and gardens. I think it's the simple cottage-feel that appeals to me and the pops of colour make me smile.

My favourite section is the one down along the driveway (top image), along the crisp white picket fence and lattice which contrasts beautifully against the patina of age on the corrugated iron roof from the neighbouring garage.

The whole front garden creates a nice welcome to the dainty white weatherboard cottage that lies beyond.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The sunny cottage

Carrying on from the previous two posts on local houses and gardens, this week I only have two images to show but hopefully they say enough... and reflect why this is up there with my favourite properties.

I think the 2nd image captures the essence of the garden better (just ignore the garbage bins)... believe me it is even more beautiful in real life. I think its the simplicity I like, the cottage seems original, fibro perhaps, but the small hints of the modern tidy it up and make it just that more appealing... the glass balustrade, the slatted timber fence, the modern front door BUT it's the garden that steals my heart!

I love everything about the garden even though I know in real life it might be a pain to climb those stairs in the pouring rain or with bags of groceries. Even though the house doesn't nestle into the landscape, in this instance it dominates the hill top position but the garden softens it, blending it into the landscape more as it gently climbs up to meet the house. Clearly it is well lit at night with the modern light posts dotting the sandstone stairway... and I think the favourite part for me is the rock garden, the use of those big boulders and how they have been planted out with what appears to be native grasses and shrubs.

It's a sunny cottage and makes me feel that way inside every time I walk past.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A modern take on the weatherboard cottage

Continuing on from last week's post about local homes and gardens, this week I have only 3 images that captured aspects of a modern design.

As the house sits low off the street and is planted out quite densely at the front it was difficult to capture more images and needless to say I get very curious to see what it would look like from all angles... as the land slopes down I'm sure there is another level, or half one, underneath this that would flow out onto the backyard... possibly even a lovely balcony off this level at the back...

I love how this building nestles into the landscape much as the one I showed last week, but obviously in a very different way. It's lowline profile is unobtrusive, as is the greying timber and silvery blue of the cladding. The only thing that makes it jump out is the pop of orange on the walkway fascia and the front door.

A very modern take on the weatherboard cottage wouldn't you say... I really like this building, or what I can see of it anyway.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Surviving progress - a charming weatherboard cottage

I love architecture and I love gardens... I have no particular favourite style... I love anything from historic weatherboard cottages to ├╝ber modern houses, stone cottages to Spanish villas... the same goes for gardening styles too... and I love seeing people putting their own stamp on their properties, when it's done well and tastefully!

Back here I mentioned that I wanted to do a little series of local homes and gardens... I've been busy snapping some of my favourites and will share them here one at a time... starting today :)


This beautiful cottage is perfect in so many ways... what I realised I haven't captured is the generous walkway up to the front door on the right... the paving takes you through the most delightful rustic iron gate, kind of a little rusty, kind of like in a french villa... not an ornate, intricate lace iron gate but simplistic and open format...

I love how the house nestles nicely into its sloping site and how the landscaping works so well with this... it is a very well thought-out design and would make for very comfortable living.

The garden plantings work so well with a mixture of formal boxed hedges, shrubs and strappy leaf plants. I also like how there is a mix of sandstone and rendered walls and how the driveway is paved and not concrete... how the lawn slopes down gently to meet it... and how the garage blends perfectly even though I'm sure it would not have been a fixture with the original cottage as certainly the cottage pre-dates cars? I wouldn't normally go for the dusky pink colour but have to say it works quite well here, it pushes the house into its surroundings just enough without making it look drab or disjointed... it works really well with the colours of the garden and I particularly like the subtle hints of pink flowers that connect it all together so well.

I wonder if this cottage was moved here or if it is an original... it would be interesting to find out its history. Whatever its story I'm glad to see it has survived progress and was not demolished to make way for a more modern construction. It's nice when people preserve history and do such a good job in the process.

What about you... do you have a particular favourite style of architecture or gardening?