Saturday, January 12, 2013

A modern take on the weatherboard cottage

Continuing on from last week's post about local homes and gardens, this week I have only 3 images that captured aspects of a modern design.

As the house sits low off the street and is planted out quite densely at the front it was difficult to capture more images and needless to say I get very curious to see what it would look like from all angles... as the land slopes down I'm sure there is another level, or half one, underneath this that would flow out onto the backyard... possibly even a lovely balcony off this level at the back...

I love how this building nestles into the landscape much as the one I showed last week, but obviously in a very different way. It's lowline profile is unobtrusive, as is the greying timber and silvery blue of the cladding. The only thing that makes it jump out is the pop of orange on the walkway fascia and the front door.

A very modern take on the weatherboard cottage wouldn't you say... I really like this building, or what I can see of it anyway.


River said...

"...building nestles into the landscape" That's exactly what I would say to any architect and builder if I was fortunate enough to build my own home ever again. It HAS to nestle into the landscape. Like it has been there 100 years and is set to stay another 100.
I'd say you are right about the home being a split level too, a balcony overlooking the back slope would be perfect.

Annie said...

Yes, I like it too!