Saturday, January 26, 2013

A welcoming garden

This garden caught my eye one day recently as I was driving by, so naturally I wanted to include it in my series of local houses and gardens. I think it's the simple cottage-feel that appeals to me and the pops of colour make me smile.

My favourite section is the one down along the driveway (top image), along the crisp white picket fence and lattice which contrasts beautifully against the patina of age on the corrugated iron roof from the neighbouring garage.

The whole front garden creates a nice welcome to the dainty white weatherboard cottage that lies beyond.

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River said...

It's a sweet little garden, I love the cottage style of gardens, all filled with flowering colours and textures. There's one here in Adelaide that I used to live near that has vegetables mixed into the flower beds. That's a true cottage garden.