Saturday, February 16, 2013

A winding laneway...

Last Sunday I detoured from my usual daily walk and, with camera in hand, I opted to venture down a little track that I had previously thought too isolated:

The track is actually to the left of a track that I explored last year (here). It's funny, how the mind conjures up images of what might be... for some reason I thought the track would look like this all the way along and follow the water's edge... but to my surprise, this part of the track only lasted about a couple of minutes walking time... and opened up to this:

A delightful little laneway that gently winds its way down to the water's edge but with houses tucked away all along it... so this post also fits in with my Local Houses and Gardens series, but just with glimpses really as most, if not all, houses sit below street level. Come with me on my walk and see what I saw:

Above and below - lovely iridescent moss growing on a rock face

For some reason this wall made me feel like I was in Italy

Is this not the prettiest carport you've ever seen! Not necessarily my style of architecture but it is so well considered and works with the lay of the land. I like how it sits atop a big double garage... what comfort for a sloping lot. The hedges give it that extra elegance... I would never hedge like this but must admit it does look appealing in the right context.

Stolen vistas down stairways and through buildings to the bay beyond...

At the end of it a lovely little reserve, with more homes around the corner, all nestled at the water's edge.

... and on my way back I noticed this sign... needless to say I was tempted to follow the arrow, perhaps take in a debate??? but I couldn't determine if the steps leading down seemed too private to be public... i.e. leading to someone's home and not a public point so I opted to keep walking back home.


Annie said...

I would love to live in one of those 'tucked' away houses. I particularly like the big tree photo. What a discovery!

River said...

Such a lovely area you found by wandering down a secret track. the second photo is very similar to one of the winding roads in our Adelaide Hills, in the Crafers area.
I really love the "stolen vista" photo and the shacks at the waters edge.