Sunday, February 3, 2013

Street appeal

This majestic pink Crepe Myrtle is the feature of the front garden of this week's 'local houses and gardens'. Sitting right on the boundary, just by the front gate it spills out onto the street as well and makes a stunning impact.

It looks to me like they don't cut it back harshly like some people do... we used to have one in our front garden when I was living in North Balgowlah but it never got to look like this because it had always been pruned back really hard and personally I believe that is a no-no when it comes to trees.

I'm not sure I would ever purposely plant one of these... pink is not necessarily the colour scheme I would choose for my garden... and I tend to go more towards native gardens and more earthy colours but nonetheless I still think this is simply gorgeous!

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River said...

That is such a beautiful tree. I'm glad it hasn't been cut back, I like to see a tree reach its full potential. We have crepe myrtles as street trees in parts of Adelaide and they are almost shrub sized because they get cut back so hard. I like the darker red ones more than the pink, they've been bred to be rust resistant too.