Monday, March 25, 2013

A sunday scenic river cruise

Yesterday I went on a fabulous 3 hour tour, sounds like Gilligan's Island I know, but thankfully we didn't get shipwrecked! I had planned this a month or so ago and was really happy I made the effort, it was a stunning autumn day.

When I was younger, growing up in the Shire, friends or someone in our family seemed to always have a boat and so we'd occasionally go out at the weekends, cruising the Port Hacking. I have memories of camping at Maianbar with school friends... one of which lived in a multi-level house in Loch Lomond Crescent at the end of Woolooware Road (her little tinny got us over there and back). Other days, either with family or friends we would stop at one of the sandbars and set-up camp for the day... or cruise all the way up the Hacking river to Audley weir.

I LOVED those times and miss them dearly... being out on the water is something I find very comforting and soothing and yesterday brought all the good memories flooding back... it felt really good to be out there again.

This time though I was a paying customer with Cronulla Ferries and have nothing but praise for the service they provided. Just as an aside... they are the ones who run the ferry service to Bundeena and, as well as the 3 hours scenic cruise I did, they also do dining cruises, seniors & bus group cruises, live music cruises and charter & party cruises.

The cruise I took was on the Tom Thumb III and here's their little blurb. 'In 1796 Bass and Flinders discovered Port Hacking in the Tom Thumb 11, a small 8ft long rowing boat and spent three days exploring and mapping Port Hacking. In three hours, cruising in the relaxed and informal atmosphere of the M.V Tom Thumb 111, you will enjoy exploring the upper reaches of the Hacking River, one of Sydney's most unspoiled waterways, with its many bays and inlets down to the open expanses of Port Hacking and Bate Bay. You will see breathtaking views of the Royal National Park, which borders the whole southern shoreline. Learn about the early explorers of the district, Historical Settlements deer farming in the park, the states first fish hatchery. Pass by Aboriginal sites; whilst discovering their names and meanings, and cruise by some of Sydney's most magnificent waterfront properties.' ... and now I'll just leave you with the a sample of images taken, you can click on each image to view a larger version (the rest can be seen over on my flickr photostream):

This was taken after everyone disembarked after the cruise :)
Although autumn it was like one of those hazy summer days...
Picnickers at Reids Flat in the Royal National Park
We made it all the way to Audley weir then turned around to head back
Swimmers at Gymea Bay Baths

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River said...

Those little green and yellow boats look so cheerful. I love the photos where there are houses near the water, I always imagine living in one of them.