Sunday, March 10, 2013

Art of Living Festival, Bundeena NSW

This morning I headed over to Bundeena to check out the annual Art of Living Festival. Bundeena is a quaint little village on the Cronulla coast... it's opposite Cronulla, separated by the picturesque Port Hacking River - you can get to it by ferry from Cronulla or by driving through the Royal National Park (passing through Audley).

This is my first visit there since returning to live in the Shire and the memories came flooding back as I drove down through my favourite national park and made my way along winding roads into the coastal township.

I have to mention three noteworthy vistas along the way (as mostly it is just bushland flanking the road). The first is before the Bundeena / Maianbar turn-off where the road is quite high and a spectacular view of the park opens up on the right... it is vast! The second is on the left some time after the turn-off, giving you a hint you are getting closer to civilisation, where you catch a small glimpse across the water to Cronulla... and the third is on the way out where you suddenly get a big view out to the Tasman Sea (but I didn't get any of these images as it's a bit hard to stop and pull-over).

So... the festival... I'll let the images do the talking and will just say... don't you love the colour, rhythm and life of festivals! If there was one disappointment for me it was finding all the cheap mass-produced crap in amongst nicer handmade stalls... oh well... maybe one day the cheap mass-produced crap will disappear from our landscape, in the meantime though those stalls did make for some colourful images (remember, if you click on the 1st image an image viewer opens and allows you to see them in a larger format... always better I think):

I believe the singer is Samantha Cartwright and I'm so glad I happened to be there at the time that she was performing... what a beautiful voice... very enjoyable listening. The Sutherland Medieval Regiment was also there, though I missed out on seeing what they had planned I did catch a couple of the guys out and about. Other than that it was the usual things that make up a festival: stallholders selling their wares, food stalls, the National Parks had a stall there as did the Rural Fire Service.

It was a nice reason to visit Bundeena and next week I'll share some images of the village... well, mostly the beach with some of the charming little cottages and the jetty where the ferry pulls up. I'm sure I'll be back to Bundeena, possibly next month as I want to jump on The Art Trail which takes place on the first Sunday of each month... Bundeena is home to quite a few creative people so it will be interesting to go check out the talent.

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River said...

It looks like a wonderfully relaxing day. I love that lacy white parasol.