Sunday, March 3, 2013

Carina Bay Horse Arena (Como) NSW

This morning on the way back from my walk I saw horse trailers pulling up to Carina Bay Reserve... which is also Carina Bay Horse Arena.

Every now and then events are held here and I always hear the neighing from up at the house and tell myself I should go down and meet the horses... so today I did just that. I went back up to the house to get my camera and even though the signs state 'no public access beyond this point' when such events are held I made my way over to the little gathering and asked as I went along if people minded if I took some photos. I made sure not to be a nuisance and remained situationally aware, i.e. not getting in anyone's way and when walking around ensuring I wasn't in the path of horses, etc. They (people and horses) were all very friendly and I stopped and chatted with many of them. As this event was presented by the SSHOA (Sutherland Shire Horse Owners Association Inc) most of the people were locals.

You kind of don't expect to see horses in the suburb of a big city like Sydney but it's a really lovely thing to see and hear. I also have to say that even though it is far better than racing I think it's still a little sad that we manipulate animals for our entertainment. Seeing the bits in their mouths always makes me uneasy and though I used to ride when I was younger I don't know that I'd do it now as I have too much respect for them... they are such noble creatures. It is nice though to see horses that are so well loved and looked after.

I thought I'd present the photos in black and white today as it somehow seems most fitting... enjoy!


The images look at little dark here (on my screen anyway) but when editing them in Photoshop they were all just exactly as I wanted them, so apologies for how they appear here. Also, did you know, if you click on the first image an image viewer opens up and you can scroll through and see all the images in a much larger size... so much better!

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Annie said...

Fantastic photos...I want to get photoshop