Sunday, July 7, 2013

A leisurely drive through the Royal National Park.

Yesterday I took a leisurely drive through the beautiful Royal National Park... destination Stanwell Park. I had been promising myself to visit fellow textile printer Dotti of Paloma Le Sage at her little shop and also stopped in to check out the beautiful wares at H & A Anderson Antiques.

The drive through the Park is one of my favourites. I had my camera with me and stopped along the way to try and capture some of the magic... of course, being there to experience it in person is so much better... but here are the images:

Above: the 4 images above are taken just near the turn-off to Maianbar and Bundeena. It's one of my favourite parts of the road, where you've come up and down through winding roads from Audley and all of a sudden on the right you get this expansive view! It's just a portion of how vast the Park is and makes you realise how small we are in comparison. It's comforting for someone like me to know that the wildlife that lives here is not threatened by mankind who often has a harsh impact on the natural world. The vegetation up here is compact and low but as you can see by the following images, the vegetation changes along the way.

Towards the end of the drive the vegetation thins out and then suddenly you're welcomed by this spectacular vista... looking down along the coast at all those divine little seaside villages.

The coastal drive is another lovely thing to do, especially on such a glorious day. Taking in the charm of Stanwell Park, Scarborough, Wombarra, Coledale, Austinmer and Thirroul.

The plan is to try and take time out to do this more regularly,  each time visiting somewhere new and taking my camera of course so I can share it here...

Of course, it no trip to a natural environment is complete with capturing some of the lovely flora... here is what I managed to see by the side of the road yesterday:

Above: Isopogon Anemonifolius or Broad-leaved Drumstick. A shrub that is endemic to eastern New South Wales in Australia, occuring naturally in woodland, open forest and heathland on sandstone soils.

Above: Lambertia formosa, commonly known as mountain devil. From the Proteaceae family, it's a shrub endemic to New South Wales, Australia.

... and of course I was so happy to be able to see many of the Gymea Lilys in flower (Doryanthes excelsa):

Today I went back through the Park but only to get to Bundeena for The Art Trail - Bundeena and Maianbar... something I had been wanting to do for a while now... you can see and read more here.

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River said...

Genuine Aussie wilderness for miles, then suddenly the ocean and little villages. I love the little villages right by the sea.