Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Farmery - the way forward

I love visionaries! Especially when their vision is about keeping things as natural as possible and they have developed a common-sense approach to a solution.

Ben Greene is one such visionary. I just came across The Farmery online and had to share... I really think this is the way forward for food in our cities and suburbs and I hope you agree.

Would you like to see an innovative project such as The Farmery in your city? I certainly would love one in Sydney... so much so that I just wrote to Lord Mayor Clover Moore and asked if she would be willing to implement something like this in Sydney! My hope is that we could have one of these in Sydney (which would hopefully lead to other council's coming on board across Australia).

My question is - would you be willing to make something like this happen? If you share my belief then please write to Clover Moore or the Lord Mayor of you city / Mayor of your local council and let them know you are interested... by uniting our voices we can effect real, positive change. Food is a concern for every government and my concern as a citizen is keeping it real. 

We need to keep Monsanto and other corporate giants out of the equation, we need to keep food real and we need to know where it comes from as well as reducing the carbon miles food has to travel in order to get it in to our cities and suburbs.


JB said...

Food miles! Much of the food people eat comes from the other side of the world because it is cheaper to harvest.Sad sad sad. Farmers in Australia are expected to live off the smell of an oily rag. We have the highest food standards in the world but the shallowest coin pockets! The farmery, very interesting idea. I am a shipping containter fan.

Gabriella Tagliapietra said...

Hi JB... I couldn't agree with you more, the other sad thing to is that a lot of our farmland is foreign owned (and many Australians would be unaware of this)... I mean tell me how that works! or it is under threat from mining!