Saturday, September 7, 2013

A little update

One of the main reasons I've been absent from here for a while is because I have been keeping busy with the transition of my business trading name from stilelemente to Pinch River!

There are reasons behind the name change and a story why I chose Pinch River which you can read in detail over here on the business blog.

Fortunately I was able to migrate the stilelemente blog over to Pinch River to retain the history of the journey - thanks Blogger for making this possible and pretty pain-free! As I originally created the blog from the stilelemente email address and as such the Google+ profile that was associated with it and I will eventually close those down I was also able to migrate my Google+ followers as well as my Picasa web albums... seriously cool stuff they've enabled for people like me who have had a change of direction but not wanting to lose valuable people and information.

I was also able to change my Facebook page name and url (a one-off change only), as well as my Linkedin company profile (with assistance from the team as it's not something you can do yourself). Pinterest was another application that allowed me to change the name and url as was MailChimp. Unfortunately Flickr does not allow a url change but you can change the screen name, which I have now done and I had to create a new account on Issuu and re-load all my catalogues as I couldn't change them over from stilelemente.

I was also able to change trading name for my business insurance, MYOB and PayPal but had to close my business account and open a new one for the new trading name.

I've obviously had to update many subscription details (or unsubscribe and re-subscribe under the new email address) for newsletters and the like, advise suppliers, etc to update their records... as well as re-ordering product labels and business stationery... the latter of which is all still in the ordering stage and until they are here I can't put any products out in to the marketplace so my e-commerce is closed down at the moment. As is my website, well offline anyway, while it transitions from its old domain to its new one and while it's offline I'm having some other fabulous changes made which I'll share once it's all done.

It's been very involved and complex but totally worth it.

I'll leave you with my new branding, even though I liked the stilelemente branding and could have kept it. I decided to go with this because the flora and fauna represent that found in the Pinch River location and it all represents the inspiration behind the label!

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