Saturday, September 7, 2013

Feathered friends - the Currawong (and some Australian Crows)

Captured by chance on a walk where I had taken my camera specifically to capture some delightful Robin Red Breasts (which I will share in the next post)... so glad I had my zoom lens on.

I do like their collective song but much prefer the divine sound of the magpie. In the background, while I was taking this, a murder of Australian crows were making a real ruckus but they were too far away to photograph (apart from the image below where a few were taking time out from the others)... I need a little video camera so I can capture motion and sound.

I've never seen large numbers of crows together but there were a large number that day... pretty spectacular! I remember my mum saying when she first came to Australia she thought it was a child crying and I can't help but wonder what visitors to our country think when they hear them.

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