Saturday, September 7, 2013

Feathered friends - the Kookaburra

I've been capturing some shots lately of our beautiful feathered friends around here, either at the house or on my walk.

Needless to say my nature photos are creating a library for me to be able to draw on when looking for inspiration for new designs, or they've already inspired a design.

This series captures a beautiful Kookaburra that I saw dive-bombing off the tree branch he was perched on, down into the garden bed for his breakfast... I just love his fuzzy little head! Of course I couldn't catch him in the act, he was way too cautious for that and stayed up high where he felt safe, keeping a watch on me.

It's not the first time I've shared images of a Kookaburra here... back here I photographed one outside the house on the telegraph wire but I much prefer the images above showing him in a more natural environment... and not only has the Kookaburra appeared on one of my eco friendly greeting cards:

He's also appeared on my hand embroidered cushions:

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