Saturday, September 7, 2013

Feathered friends - Robin Red Breast

I had noticed these teeny tiny birds on my regular walk and kept wanting to go back with my camera to capture them... one day recently I finally remembered to do it.

I'm not very knowledgeable about birds but am keen to learn. I thought they were finches but after a search online I discovered they are in fact Robins... even though they're different to any Robin Red Breast I saw online they don't match any other bird and the similarities are close enough to make me think this is what they (but if anyone that reads this knows differently then please correct me).

While I always prefer seeing birds living in a natural habitat this man-made structure they call home allowed me to get some very clear shots of them. When walking I see them duck and weave through the structure and calling out to each other, they have a delightful little song!

I took quite a few images and you can see more here.


Annie said...

You must have good zoom on your camera...those pics are amazing.

Gabriella Tagliapietra said...

Hi Annie, yes it's a good zoom but I wasn't too far away from them. There is a chicken-wire fence between us so maybe they felt safe? I'm very happy with the pics :)