Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spring Walk - Prince Edward Park, Woronora.

This morning I took a well-deserved break and joined a group walk organised by my local council. The walk took us through Prince Edward Park at Woronora and it was thoroughly enjoyable! I'll let the pictures do the talking...

We started the walk opposite The Boatshed (pictured below).

We then walked along Prince Edward Park Road up into the park itself.

Prices Cave, Prince Edward Park, Woronora.

We walked up to the top and could see glimpses of the river down below.

Spotted lots of lovely native plants along the way, including this Gymea Lily.

Then we descended and walked along the river back to the starting point.

It was such a lovely walk but not one I would do on my own, so it's great the council organises these leisure activities, and it's nice to meet like-minded people. There's a few more coming up that I'm interested in but the countdown is on now for the lead-up to Christmas and I've been very busy on the business side of things getting everything up and running since the name change. You can follow all the progress over on my other blog or facebook page... and if you're looking for some lovely Christmas gifts please pop on over to my freshly stocked Etsy shop for lots of nature-inspired designs handmade into fabulous eco-friendly and ethical products.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Feathered Friends - Rainbow Lorikeets

With all the beautiful Bottle Brush in bloom at the moment we have several rounds of birds visiting during the morning and afternoon to feast...

In early September I shared these images of the lovely Crimson Rosellas but the Bottle Brush was not yet in bloom so I'm not sure if they are still coming, I'll have to keep a closer look out.

I used my zoom lens again and this time went down off the balcony to get closer to them... they were quite wary and flew away a couple of times (and I felt bad for interrupting their dinner!) but they kept coming back and I even got one of them sitting on the wire.

I love them all and feel so fortunate to have captured these images but my absolute favourite is the 3rd one down from the top. This image needed no fine tuning in Photoshop... it is as it is and the colours are so rich and deep and the position of the bird is perfect (even tough I would have really liked to get his tail in)...

I can see some artwork coming from this... and all my recent bird photos... but I probably won't get the time until January when all is quiet on the front after the Christmas trading period... for now I'm keeping very busy over at Pinch River!