Monday, April 14, 2014

A rustic rural property

I had the privilege of visiting a beautiful rustic rural property in the picturesque Southern Highlands. The property is the home of two artists and has been created by them over a period of approximately 40 years. It is run on sustainable principles and has a lovely history.

I loved walking around and taking photos of interesting textures, structures, angles, etc... giving an abstract overview as I didn't want to share too much of their private life (their home is not featured).

NB: as my camera battery died soon after arriving some images have been taken with my mobile phone so image quality is not ideal.


River said...

It's a lovely property and I didn't notice any difference in photo quality at all.
I love looking at old places, but these days I'm glad I live in something a little more modern.

Gabriella Tagliapietra said...

Hi River, the main house is very comfortable with all modern conveniences it's the out-buildings that are more rustic - which make for great photography! I know what you mean, every time I shower under glorious hot water in winter or can be in a home that is cosy and warm I am very grateful :)