Sunday, February 22, 2015

Googong Dam

Today I explored the Googong Dam with a friend. The outing came about because I wanted to go to Spotlight to buy some interfacing for a new product range for Pinch River and as we'd wanted to go for a bike ride today I looked up cycle trails around Queanbeyan (my nearest Spotlight store)...

In the end, due to time constraints, we ended up taking a drive out there to check the area out and see if it is worth a ride... and the conclusion is yes! It's just beautiful! and as we've had such a lot of rain this summer everything is just so green... and probably why they were releasing water when we were there, so that was pretty special.

Probably the most exciting thing for me was being able to photograph kangaroos for the first time ever and I loved it... but sadly, even with my zoom lens on, they were still too far away and extremely cautious of humans... so much so that they hopped away every single time... hence most images are of them hopping away... Oh well... I shall persevere and hopefully one day get the shots I want. I will also no doubt be back to share more images once we've done the ride.


River said...

It's a beautiful area, I even like the man made waterfall.

Gabriella Tagliapietra said...

Yes, for a man-made waterfall it is quite nice :)