Saturday, March 14, 2015

NSW South Coast



Last Monday was a Public Holiday in Canberra, so it was the perfect opportunity to take a drive down the coast.

Batemans Bay is Canberra's coast - about a 2 hour drive from here and from there you can obviously go north or south to explore the South Coast of NSW. We went south and took in some spectacular views as you can see from these images. Starting at Batemans Bay and winding our way down the coast, these photos illustrate how diverse it is down there, with the beautifully designed harbour foreshore at Batemans Bay (top images) with its stylish man-made structures and plantings of native trees, shrubs, etc (Coastal Banksia images), the pristine beaches along the coast road to the along the coast road to where we ended up at Potato Point... where I was so excited to see kangaroos and wallabies lazing around in amongst people and buildings at the charming little caravan park there.

The South Coast was my coast when I was living in Jindabyne many, many years ago (though further south from about Bermagui to Eden) and I haven't visited this part of the coast since then. I tell you, I was very enchanted and am looking forward to visiting often, if possible. I have to say the part that really captured my attention most was driving along the Moruya River as the coast road headed in towards the Princes Highway. It is so green and lush and so very pretty... it kind of reminded me of Northern NSW I guess, which has long been a favourite place of mine. I'm not sure it has the same community, i.e. creative, etc but I'm sure I'll get to become more acquainted with it over time.

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