Saturday, July 4, 2015

Lake Burley Griffin - Western Loop Cycling Track

The latest outings on the bike, over a couple of weekends was the western loop of Lake Burley Griffin. The first ride started from the carpark from Barrenjoey Drive and took in Yaramundi Reach & Lindsay Pryor National Arboretum before heading in an anti-clockwise direction (north-east) some way along the track before turning back... I think we got to Black Mountain Peninsula.

The second ride started at the same place but we rode clock-wise (south-east) and took in the whole western loop, crossing at Commonwealth Avenue.

Having done all three now, this is by far my favourite loop! I didn't take any photos on the first ride - the central loop. The second ride was done after exploring the Jerrabomberra wetlands, realising it linked up to the eastern loop we went back and did that another weekend (but again I don't seem to have taken photos). That was also a lovely ride, they all are but the western loop is my favourite. You can see all the pics over on my Flickr Photostream.


River said...

A very beautiful area. I like that photo where the autumn colours are reflected in the water and the willy wagtail. However did you manage that? Most birds take off the minute they spot my camera.

Gabriella Tagliapietra said...

Yes, two of my favourites as well River :) This time of year (or early, in Autumn) is just spectacular in Canberra. The trick to the bird photo is a zoom lens and then a bit more cropping in Photoshop because, yes, they flew away as soon as I would get near them.