Sunday, January 10, 2016

Feathered friends - Cockatoos and a Corella

Happy New Year! and it is so good to be back here on my little gardening blog.

Yesterday afternoon I captured these beauties having their dinner in my front garden.

I have never see a Corella before (top photo) ... he kind of looks like uncle Fester from the Addams Family :)

You can view more pics here (just scroll down to the bottom for these ones)

So... stating the obvious... I have been absent from blogging for too long and miss this little blog, as well my other blogs like you wouldn't believe!

My blogs are like little havens for me, virtual worlds to hang in and places I like to hang out in because I feel good there.

New Year's resolutions include finding the time again to be here more consistently.

2015 was a bit of a nothing year in terms of blogging and creative projects... the things that make me, me. It wasn't a bad year but just that my focus was elsewhere and hopefully that is over and I can return to spending my time doing the things I love and that make me happy.

One good thing that I did do in 2015 is start serious work in my garden... and when I say serious work this is man hours put in by me because to pay someone to do it would be very costly and it is a rental property so I am not pouring money in to it but I can pour my time in to it because that is free.

Nothing about this garden to date has been easy. It has long been neglected and the majority of work so far is clearing and cleaning which is why I haven't been here to share photos yet. I have been taking photos and will share them when there is more of a before and after difference to show. Someone once went to a lot of trouble as there are stone walls and stone-lined garden edges everywhere in the front and back gardens. I am re-imagining a lot of what is already here in terms of loose stones, bricks, pavers, etc - again to keep costs down but to make the garden more usable and definitely more beautiful!

I really wanted to be finished with the 'bones' of it before the new year but alas everything always takes longer than we think and there is much work to be done still so I will be back to share the progress soon.


River said...

Stone walls and stone lined beds? Sounds like heaven to me. I'm really curious now as to how it looks, how it did look and how it might look in the future.
LOVE the birds! I don't see enough of them around my area anymore, too many trees have been cut down :(

Gabriella Tagliapietra said...

Hello River and Happy New Year! Yes the bird life here is wonderful. It's mostly larger birds which is not something I've had before. I have Currawongs, Magpies, Cockatoos, Gallahs and assorted other parrots, Pigeons and Wattle Birds, though the latter two I've had elsewhere as well. No Kookaburras which I miss. That's sad that you don't get to see many birds... especially as the reason is due to trees being cut down.