Monday, February 6, 2017

Captains Flat, NSW

Captains Flat is a curious little township, nestled on the Molonglo River south of Queanbeyan in the Southern Tablelands of rural New South Wales.

This now sleepy village has experienced peaks and troughs in popularity since it was founded in 1883, although gold was discovered there as early as 1864. You can read more about the first boom here.

Mine owners requested a railway be built but the government refused the request. Towards the end of 1899 mining operations ceased and the town fell silent - you can read more here. However, in 1937 the bill to build a railway line was finally signed and this led to another peak for the town... you can read more here.

Then on March 9, 1962 mining ceased again in Captains Flat, this time for good and the township drifted off to become a quiet little settlement.

However, in the town's recent history two creative residents (Christine and Gunther) brought a little corner of the village alive with the Outsider Coffee Lounge and Gallery plus the shopfront next door in Foxlow Street. They added their artistic flair and for a while had a thriving business, until they decided it was time to retire. The properties were put up for sale and just recently purchased (see here for a lovely video that was part of the marketing campaign for the properties - courtesy of Estate Realty). So I am really intrigued to see what becomes of this township now that these spaces will be activated again.

The town has great infrastructure and a seemingly pro-active and engaged community... and there is also a big push to create a rail trail on the disused railway line. The Molonglo Rail Trail could become a reality and this will mean fantastic things for the town. I will be watching this town with interest.

More information can be found here and more images can be found here (and I have a feeling I might add to this collection of images when I return to visit and experience more of the place).

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