Monday, April 17, 2017

Bendora Dam, Canberra

Located in the Namadgi National Park, the Bendora Dam sits in the upper reaches of the Cotter River and is part of Canberra's water supply.

As you can see from the 1st image we are right at the NSW border - with Brindabella National Park. Arriving via Brindabella Road, we turn on to Mount Franklin Road, and take Bendora Road at Bulls Head Picnic Area (where we return later for a nice picnic lunch). Along the way we see much natural and rugged beauty... including a beautifully patterned tree trunk and the guardian of the gorge - the giant faced etched in to the cliff face by the forces of wind and rain over the centuries... what an amazing site! Not to mention how pretty the river is at the end of the track that we took to get a closer look at the giant... and how scenic the dam is... and the view in the last image taken along Brindabella Road on the return trip. More images can be found here.

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