Thursday, January 4, 2018

Urambi Hills Nature Reserve, ACT

Yesterday morning we set out for a bike ride from Kambah, joining The Bicentennial National Trail (BNT) in the Urambi Hills Nature Reserve, before jumping over to Lake Tuggeranong and up to Wanniassa. It ended up being a 20km ride and I marked it on the first image by the pink line, to show the route we took. The images are in sequence (after the map), showing the beginning of the track in the first image, climbing to the top just for the view out west towards the Murrumbidgee Corridor then tracking back to join The Bicentennial National Trail, riding down towards Greenway with views over Lake Tuggeranong in the third image. We followed a little track that brought us to Tuggeranong Creek but found there was no crossing to continue along The Bicentennial National Trail, so we had to back track and go over the bridge along Athllon Drive to join the Trail again. Further along we saw the Tuggeranong Stone Wall, met up with the Tuggeranong Creek again and eventually came across the Murrumbidgee River. (I know that St John's Wort is an identified weed and quite damaging to livestock if they eat it... but I do love the colour). You can see more images here.

The history of the Bicentennial National Trail is a uniquely Australian story – one where people who dared to dream of a long distance trail to rival America’s Appalachian Trail worked tirelessly to achieve that dream. With dedication and persistence, they made that dream a reality. RM Williams, Dan Seymour, Mike Allen and Brian Taylor are names synonymous with the early days of the Trail. We thank them! We thank them and everyone involved in the establishment of the Bicentennial National Trail. [Information courtesy of:]

However, nothing on that site relates to the trail we explored in the Urambi Hills Nature Reserve. The only extensive information I could find is here - which is a little different to the track we took. Obviously there is much to explore in this Reserve and no doubt we will be back to explore further.

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